Impacts of Long Duration Earthquakes Seminar

Date: January 26, 2024
Presenters: Various subject matter experts

Meet our Keynote Presenters

  • Speaker:
    • Dr. John Cassidy, Earthquake Seismologist for Natural Resources Canada (Speaker profile)
  • Seismological Introduction
    • What are “long duration” earthquakes?
    • Long-period (~2-10 s) vs long duration
    • Long-period large earthquake characteristics
    • British Columbia tectonics – where have large earthquakes occurred?
    • BC events which produce long-period energy and long duration shaking
    • Global examples – Chile, Japan, and New Zealand
    • Recent global research into long period, long duration earthquakes
  • Speakers::
    • Dr. Carlos Ventura, Professor of Structural and Earthquake Engineering at UBC (Speaker profile)
    • Dr. Armin Bebamzadeh
    • Dr. Mike Fairhurst
  • Effects of Long Duration Shaking on Structural Response
    • State of knowledge on structural response and building codes due to long duration shaking
    • Observed response of instrumented structures subjected to long duration shaking
    • Types of structures sensitive to long duration ground shaking
    • Effect of long duration ground motions on the structural response of RC shearwall buildings
  • Speakers: 
    • Dr. Carlos Ventura
    • Dr. Armin Bebamzadeh
    • Chris Weech
    • Dr. Jamal Assaf
  • Effects of Long Duration Shaking on Design Practice
    • NBC Commentary updates for ground motion selection/scaling, including long duration earthquakes in BC
    • Site Specific Response Analysis as part of the Seismic Retrofit Guidance (SRG) program
    • Sedimentary Basin Effects – Microzonation group efforts and findings
    • Tall Buildings Design Guidelines – Long period ground motion effects
    • Importance of Geotechnical input

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