Young Members Group

The SEABC Young Members Group (YMG) provides young structural engineers with the opportunity to learn, get involved, meet others in their field, and have fun.  “Young Members” includes young Structural Engineers, Structural Engineers who are new to the field, and those seeking professional registration assistance.

There are five basic areas of focus of the YMG which are reflected in the events that we organize:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Socializing and Networking
  3. Professional Registration Assistance
  4. Communication
  5. Community Outreach

Mission Statement

“The SEABC Young Members Group serves to promote the interests of Young Structural Engineers in the Province of British Columbia by developing and executing initiatives in the areas of Networking, Professional Development, Registration Assistance, Communication, and Outreach”

Committee Volunteers

Chair: Stanley Chan, P.Eng, RJC Engineers (ymg(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Past Chair: Grant Fraser, P.Eng, Associated Engineering Ltd.

Finance / Presentation Competition Coordinator: Ma Siyao, EIT, Equilibrium Consulting

Presentation Competition Coordinator: Anna Lemaire, EIT, COWI

Communications: Thomas Duke, EIT, Fast+Epp

Secretary: Omar AlHarras, EIT, Glotman Simpson

Evan Peatt, EIT, ACC Structural Engineering / NBDC Structural Engineering

Qusay Al-Chatti, EIT, Tides Consulting (Education Committee YMG Representative)

Dan Dela Peña, EIT, Dynamic Structures

BCIT Student Representative: Brett Cheek, Student

UBC Student Representative: Madison Klettke, Student

Anas Alsaid, EIT, Starline Windows

Hossein Bajehkian, EIT

Young Members Inquiries

Please contact the YMG Committee at ymg(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

To stay informed of all the happenings of the SEABC YMG, subscribe to the YMG mailing list.