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Summer Break

The amazing volunteers at SEABC are taking a deserved summer break. Monthly evening seminars and Young Members events will resume in the fall.

Free Virtual Courses on Earthquake Risk Reduction Topics from FEMA NETAP

Presented by Applied Technology Council (ATC)

The FEMA-funded National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP) provides free trainings on earthquake risk reduction topics to U.S. states and territories with substantial seismic risk. Various virtual courses available from Jul to Nov 2023 are now posted online – register for courses using the link provided.

Trainings cover a wide range of interesting topics, including rapid visual screening, post-earthquake safety assessment, nonductile concrete, building code provisions, and nonstructural components. Some of the courses provide tailored guidance for schools, hospitals, and residential buildings. The trainings are intended for a wide variety of participants with diverse professional backgrounds. Professional Development Hour (PDH) certificates are provided to participants who are present for a substantial duration of the training.

Click HERE for more details. 

More information and registration.

Past SEABC Events

The SEABC Events Archive contains video recordings and downloads for past seminars.

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