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Concrete Buildings in the Second-Generation European Standard for Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance (Eurocode 8)

Presented by The Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering

Distinguished Webinar Series in Earthquake Engineering and Seismology

The first-generation European Standard for the design of structures for earthquake resistance was developed between 1998 and 2006. Under Mandate from the European Commission, development of the second generation, fully Performance Based framework, begun in 2014 and will take effect throughout the EU by 2028.

The provisions for concrete buildings have been simplified and tuned better to the different needs of high, moderate or low seismicity regions across Europe. Prescriptive rules have been reduced and replaced to a very  large extent by transparent performance-based provisions. Rational approaches, largely based on the MCFT  and fully consistent with the second-generation Eurocode 2, were introduced for the cyclic shear resistance of prismatic members and their connections.

Provisions for modelling and verification of flat-slab frames as part of the lateral-load-resisting system have been added and resistance models for cyclic eccentric punching shear proposed, consistent with the new rulesin Eurocode 2 for punching shear.

Presenter: Michel Fardis, Ph.D., P.Eng., Emeritus Professor, Universityof Patras
Date: June 30 at 10:00 AM


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