Use of the SEABC Logo

SEABC members and organizations may use the SEABC logo with permission and in compliance with the following guidelines.

1. Organization

  1. A substantial part of the work of the organization (or identifiable division thereof) must be in, or closely related to, structural engineering.
  2. At least one of the directors or partners responsible for the structural engineering work must be a member of SEABC (hereafter referred to as the “Association”), and the member’s name and designatory initials must appear on the headed paper of the organization (or relevant division thereof).

2. Medium

The logo may be used on all types of engineering documentation and publicity of the member/organization (but  not private notepaper) including:

  • Letterhead
  • “With Compliments” slip
  • Business Card
  • Report Cover
  • Fax Sheet
  • Invoice
  • Statement
  • Certificate
  • Drawing sheet
  • Practice brochure
  • Publicity leaflet
  • Advertisement
  • Premises Nameplate
  • Site signboard
  • Website

3. Manner of Use

  • The logo should normally be printed in colour or black.
  • The size of the logo must be as follows:
  • Printed matter
    • Letter size: 10-25 mm commensurate with other matter on the document.
    • Other sizes: commensurate with letter size requirements
  • Nameplate: up to 150mm
  • Site signboard: To be considered
  • If the log is used in conjunction with other logos, they must be of equal prominence.
  • The member/organizations full name must be displayed with each use of the logo.

4. Application Procedure

  1. Applications must be made on the application form and be accompanied by a draft or sample of each of the items incorporating the logo for which permission is sought.
  2. Provided that the application meets the above criteria, permission may be given by the Board of Directors.
  3. On approval the Association will issue a license and an electronic version of the logo.
  4. Permission will lapse and be subject to renewal in the event of any significant change in the member/organization status. Reapplication must then be submitted as above.

5. Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized use of the logo will be referred to the Board of Directors foe appropriate action.

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