Balance and Harmony

Date: April 6, 2016

Presenter: David Mar, SE, President, Mar Structural Design (California)

The stars are aligning in the universe of structural engineering. Peer-reviewed, performance-based, high-rise designs are becoming commonplace, proving in the market that sophisticated (non-prescriptive) engineering adds value. Incremental Dynamic Analysis, via FEMA P695, sets the stage to understand collapse risk, offering the opportunity to cull deficient structural systems and introduce better systems. Finally, the FEMA P58 loss-estimating methodology connects the circuit between design (the world of engineers) and resilienc (the world of our clients).

This talk presented a system-based approach for design of new buildings to achieve explicit performance objectives. Desired mechanisms (in balance and harmony) are created by proportioning relationships. The outcome is an efficient and powerful prescriptive means for performance-based design.

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