Photo Competition 2021

After reviewing over 30 photo submissions,  the competition judges David Harvey (SEABC President), Gregory Gislason (SEABC YMG Committee) and Mark Budd (SEABC Communications Committee) were tasked with selecting a winner. Accordingly, they awarded a $500 prizes to the Winner and selected two Honourable Mentions.


The Arc
Vancouver BC

Entered by: Omar AlHarras

Description: The structurally unique building rises from the ground plane as two separate towers with separate lobby structures, and portrays a “wavy” building profile with sloping columns at the upper levels. The two towers are bridged at the 20th level (approximately 200ft above grade) to create an arch containing the iconic glass bottom swimming pool. The suspended swimming pool provided a structural challenge given the extremely low deformation tolerance of the pool’s acrylic panels. The bridge consists of two concrete beams spanning over 70 ft, supporting multiple levels of residential levels above. To realize the architectural vision, the structural engineers carried out several analytical studies and provided creative solutions to control the deformations of the bridge structure during and after construction.

Judge’s Comments: This is a pleasant photo of an interesting, recognizable structure in downtown Vancouver. The picture employs a nice use of colours to accentuate the soothing, gentle curves of the building.


Honourable Mention

Metrotown Skytrain Station
Burnaby BC

Entered by: Miguel Fraino

Judges’ Comments: The composition and symmetry put a beautiful touch on this classic view of a space truss. The photo focuses on the elements of a structure that is relied upon by so many commuters, yet noticed by few.


Honourable Mention

VanDusen Botanical Gardens
Vancouver BC

Entered by: Lois Tso

Judges’ Comments: A beautiful photo of which effectively captures the complex roof shape, accentuated through great lighting and cloud formations above.


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