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SEABC evening seminar:  NRC Level 1 to 3 Seismic Risk Management Framework.

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A multi-criteria and multi-level seismic risk management framework has been developed by NRC to ensure an acceptable and consistent level of risk for existing buildings in Canada with a focus on minimizing threats to life safety.

The framework consists of three levels: (1) Level 1: preliminary seismic-risk screening tool (PST); (2) Level 2: semi-quantitative seismic-risk screening tool (SQST); and (3) Level 3: seismic evaluation and upgrading guidelines (SEG).

Level 1 (PST) was developed based on a number of key criteria (seismicity, benchmark code edition, consequences of failure, and remaining occupancy time) to assist in exempting existing buildings from further assessment without the need for a site visit.

Level 2 (SQST) consists of three key components:

  1. structural scoring system that quantitatively assesses the structural seismic risk based on the probability of collapse;
  2. non-structural components scoring system that qualitatively evaluates the seismic risk of non-structural components based on the seismic demand of critical non-structural components; and
  3. ranking procedure that prioritizes buildings with potentially unacceptable seismic risk for the Level 3 (SEG) based on structural and non-structural components priority indices.

The Level3 (SEG) aims to identify the building deficiencies that lead to unacceptable seismic risk for existing buildings and to mitigate the identified deficiencies.

Presenter: Dr. Reza Fathi-Fazl, National Research Council of Canada
Friday, November 19
Time: 5:30 PM
Webinar: Zoom link will be provided in registration confirmation email

Seminar Brochure and List of NRC Seismic Risk Screening Tools


Meet our Presenter

Dr. Reza Fathi-Fazl
National Research Council of Canada

Dr. Reza Fathi-Fazl has a M.Sc. in structural engineering from IUST (Iran University of Science and Technology) and a Ph.D. from Carleton University.  He is a senior research officer at the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and is currently leading the Seismic Resilience Team (SRT) in the Construction Research Centre (CRC) of NRC. Dr. Fathi-Fazl is an adjunct professor and lecturer at the University of Ottawa, as well as Carleton University, and has authored and/or co-authored over 50 research papers and technical reports. Since 2008, he has collaborated with several structural consulting firms in Canada in the area of structural design, seismic upgrading, rehabilitation and renovation of several residential, commercial, recreational, heritage and specialty projects.

Dr. Reza Fathi-Fazl
Dr. Reza Fathi-Fazl