SEABC – Long Duration Earthquakes Series


This is a past event. Do not book a ticket unless you have been specifically instructed to do so by the event organiser.
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The SEABC Vancouver Island branch is planning a series of presentations related to long-duration earthquakes (LDEs) starting in late November. We are gauging current interest in the event, so please register if you would be interested in attending.

Our goal is to have arrange this event as a hybrid in-person and virtual event, but we would choose to go virtual if any issues arise. Venue for the in-person portion is TBD.

Below is the proposed content for the presentations:

  • Session 1
    • NBC Commentary updates for ground motion selection/scaling, including long duration earthquakes in BC
    • Site Specific Response Analysis as part of the Seismic Retrofit Guidance (SRG) program
    • Sedimentary Basin Effects
    • Effects of LDEs on different SFRS, based on SRG findings
    • Measures taken in other countries regarding LDEs
    • Impacts of the code and geology on engineering practice
    • Importance of Geotechnical input
  • Session 2
    • Current knowledge and research on seismic hazard
    • Low-frequency/long-period waves associated with LDEs
    • Localized site effects due to soil conditions and basins
    • Tectonics of British Columbia and seismic source zones
    • History of large earthquakes and differences between earthquake magnitudes in terms of ground shaking
    • Observations from other large LDEs around the world
  • Session 3
    • Current status of academic efforts, research, and knowledge for LDEs as applied to structures
    • Soil-structure interaction
    • Discussion of the theory used to apply data from seismic monitoring stations
    • Code requirements vs. analytics