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Young Members Group

The SEABC Young Members Group (YMG) provides young structural engineers with the opportunity to learn, get involved, meet others in their field, and have fun.  "Young Members" includes young Structural Engineers, Structural Engineers who are new to the field, and those seeking professional registration assistance.

There are five basic areas of focus of the YMG which are reflected in the events that we organize:

1. Professional Development

2. Socializing and Networking

3. Professional Registration Assistance

4. Communication

5. Community Outreach

Mission Statement

"The SEABC Young Members Group serves to promote the interests of Young Structural Engineers in the Province of British Columbia by developing and executing initiatives in the areas of Networking, Professional Development, Registration Assistance, Communication, and Outreach"

Committee Volunteers

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YMG electronic mailing list: Click here to sign up and stay informed of all the happenings of the SEABC YMG.

Upcoming Events

So you think you can give a Seminar?

The SEABC Young Members Group (YMG) will be holding the annual SEABC Young Engineer Presentation Competition on February 15. This is an opportunity for young engineers to get up on the podium and receive recognition for work that they have done, and practice valuable public speaking skills. Applications will be accepted until January 6.
More information: SEABC events page

Past Events

Below is a selection of a long list of activities of the Young Members Group since its inception in 2009.

Tour of Wesbrook Community Centre

In October 2014, a group of young professionals with SEABC YMG visited the Wesbrook Community Centre for a tour of the building in its final stages of construction. Read more...

Tour of Telus Garden

On March 2014, a group of about 20 SEABC YMG members visited the TELUS Garden Office Tower at the corner of Georgia and Seymour. Read more...

Tour of VanDusen Botanical Gardens Visitor Centre

The YMG toured the award-winning Visitor Centre with its innovative dramatic free-form roof structure on August 8.

So You Think You Can Give A Seminar?

The second annual Young Members Group presentation competition was held on February 25. The array of insightful presentations included:

"Made in China - Challenges of Working Overseas"
       by Dustin Willms, EIT, Fast + Epp

"Sustainable Concrete made with FRP Scrap Aggregate (FSA)"
      by Emma Slater, EIT, Metro Vancouver

"Seismic Performance of a Six Storey Reinforced Concrete Masonry Building during the Christchurch Earthquake"
      by Jose Centeno, EIT, Ph.D. Candidate, University of British Columbia

"Designing Structures to Resist Progressive Collapse"
       by Victoria Janssens, EIT, Wicke Herfst Maver Structural Engineers

and special guest presentation by Iain Ward, MIStructE, C.Eng., Ausenco:
"Sorry We Don't Have a Crane, But We Do Have 300 People and Some Trees"

A recording of the seminars is available on the Seminars Downloads and Recordings page.

Young Members Seminar: Conducting Field Reviews

In November 2012, the Young Members Group held an evening seminar on "Field Reviews in Engineering Practice". On the evening a packed room listened attentively to two excellent presentations by Andy Metten P.Eng., Struct.Eng. (Partner at Bush Bohlman & Partners) and Peter Mitchell P.Eng. (Director of Professional Practice, Standards and Development at APEGBC). Firstly Andy Metten discussed the how and why of field services, highlighting some of the pitfalls that may occur during site visits. Andy also presented tips for successful field reviews and discussed the benefits of seeing projects coming to fruition. Peter Mitchell then delivered a very informative presentation on appropriate professional practice related to carrying out field reviews. Due to the popularity of this subject matter, it was decided to record this event and upload this to the website as a resource for SEABC members. This recording is now available (alongside the speakers' PowerPoint presentations) through the seminar downloads page.

Tour of Port Mann Bridge Project

In July 24 2012 thirteen SEABC members joined the tour of Port Mann Bridge organized by the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE) Vancouver Section. Lead by Daryl Schubert, Project Engineer from Kiewit-Flatiron, the group marched on from the North approach towards the North Pylon. During the tour the group observed the 155 metre long gantry, expansion joints resting at the North end of the bridge. The highlight of the tour was the breathtaking view of the Lower Mainland from 160 metres above the sea level on top of the North Pylon. A big thank-you to the CSCE for opening this tour up to SEABC members!

Revs Bowling

In June 2102 we hosted a social evening at Revs Bowling for members young and old. Twelve engineers vied for bowling supremacy. Despite a poor first and last game, the high score of the night when to Kate Thibert who managed to eke out a Turkey and bowl 137! A great time was had by all who attended. The YMG is looking forward to hosting similar events in the figure so please watch out for announcements.

Hilti Hands-On Seminar

In May 2012 we gathered at the Hilti shop in Burnaby to hold a hands-on seminar. We learned all about some of the commonly-specified Hilti anchors and had the opportunity to install both mechanical and chemical anchors in concrete. The Hilti representatives did an excellent job of instructing us and answering our many questions. Many of the attendees agreed that learning proper installation technique by installing the anchors was invaluable knowledge as a structural engineer or EIT. We took note of the positive response to this event, and look forward to providing more hands-on seminars in the future.

Young Members Presentation Competition

In February we held the inaugural Young Engineer Presentation Competition, called "So You Think You Can Give a Seminar". We had five excellent presentations. In the end our esteemed judges, Carlos Ventura, John Sherstobitoff and Cameron Kemp, let Nick de Ridder, EIT, walk away with the laurels with his presentation "BIM: Is It Really the Future of Design and Construction".

Tour of Fraser Heights Bridge

In December 2011 the SEABC Young Members Group toured of the Fraser Heights Bridge, which is part of the Port Mann-Highway 1 Project. Located in Surrey, it is the second longest bridge on the project, and the only one that is fully base-isolated. Additionally, it is the only one of the 42 on-shore structures being built using ’top-down’ construction. The designer, Uri Wexler (Associated Engineering), and the contractor, Kristien Seabloom (Fraser River Pile & Dredge) led the tour and provided an overview of the design and construction methodologies and a site visit.

Fraser Heights Bridge


Tour of building under constructions

In October 2011 a group of YMG toured the Earth Systems Science Building (ESSB) at UBC.

Masonry Hands-On Demo

Masonry Institute of BCIn October 2011 a group from the YMG joined the CSEMasonry E1 class on their field trip for a hands-on masonry demo. Sponsored by the Masonry Institute of BC (MIBC), a mason demonstrated with ease building a small wall made up of concrete masonry and brick veneer, and then YMG’ers and students were given the opportunity to build the same wall in small groups. Everyone quickly discovered that it wasn’t nearly as easy as the mason made it look, and everyone walked away with an appreciation of the skills required to build a brick wall. This event was an excellent chance for engineers to step away from our computers and design notes, and get dirty while learning about a material many of us have never built with before. J.P. LeBerg with MIBC did a great job organizing the event, and many thanks go out to Svetlana Brzev for allowing the YMG to join her class for the outing. Thanks especially to the MIBC for sponsoring what turned out to be a fun hands-on evening.

Masonry Hands-On demo

Masonry Hands-On demo

Afternoon at Hastings Racecourse

The Young Members Group had a afternoon out at Hastings Racecourse on September 17. Located at the PNE, this was be a great opportunity to socialize with peers and have some fun.

International Registration / Qualifications Seminar

In June 2011 we had our first International Registration/Qualifications seminar. Saqib Khan presented the process of becoming licensed as a Professional Engineer and Structural Engineer in the United States, followed by David Harvey, who discussed the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE), and how to become a member. Both speakers presented valuable information about the application process, the respective test requirements, and the benefits to members. The event was followed by a mixer at Library Square Pub, where questions and lively discussion between the speakers and attendees continued over beverages.

Professional Registration Seminar

In May 2011 we held our third annual Registration Assistance Seminar, which Dr. Steven Kuan returned to lead. Steven did a fantastic job providing EIT’s and engineers with useful information relating to P.Eng and Struct. Eng registration. Jason Ong from APEGBC was also in attendance to answer questions. We donated proceeds from our event to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Tour of the BC Place Revitalization Project

In February 2011, the YMG hosted a second site tour of the BC Place Revitalization Project. Once again the tour was led by Adam Patterson of Genivar who shared his considerable knowledge of the entire project including the extensive structural upgrades as well as the new roof. The tour provided approximately 20 SEABC members with an up close and personal view of the landmark project as well as an opportunity to learn some of the unique structural engineering challenges faced by the design team. The tour covered many areas of the massive building including the impressive masts and network of cables for the new roof. Afterwards, a number of the tour goers stopped for a beverage to chat, network and continue to the discussions on the fascinating project.

Computer Modelling Presentation

On November 8, 2010, Dr. Bob Schubak P.Eng (BC Hydro and SEABC Course Instructor) gave an evening presentation covering selected topics related to computer modelling of structures. Dr. Schubak explained how there are several fundamental things a structural engineer needs to know in order to build a computer model that gives useful and reasonable results; results that can lead to a better understanding of the structure being analyzed. Ignorance of these essentials drastically reduces the chances of building a good model, and dramatically increases the chances of gross errors in the results. Dr. Schubak listed the key concepts that are the foundation of a good computer model. Through real-life examples, he demonstrated how poorly conceived and understood models can lead to answers that are flawed and, sometimes, just plain wrong.

Tour of the BC Place Revitalization Project

On October 21, 2010, the SEABC YMG did a site walk-through of the BC Place Revitalization Project. The transition from the world’s largest air-supported structure to a cable-supported, retractable roof is well into construction. The tour included a review of the steel erection staging area for the new roof masts as well as an overview of the structural upgrades of the existing stadium bowl’s gravity and lateral load resisting system.

Cal Poly Student Visit

Cal Poly Student VisitDuring the Week of March 22-27th, 2010, a Group of 11 students from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California held their first annual trip to Vancouver. In addition to a unique opportunity to visit the 2010 Winter Olympic city, the structural engineering students came with the intent to tour local engineering Firms in Vancouver. Beyond the office tours, three events were also organized by the SEABC YMG for the group to partake in for an opportunity to network and a more casual interaction with our local SEABC engineers. Read more >

Tour of facilities – FP Innovations (World’s largest, non-profit forest research institute)

In January 2010 we visited and got a flavour of the research work that is currently underway in the Wood Engineering Group (part of the Building Systems Dept.), Durability and Protection group (part of the Building Systems Dept.) and the Composites group (part of the Resource Dept.).

Bowling at Revs

In December 2009 we had an evening of fun and friendly games of bowling, while engaging in some frank discussions of the goings-on in the world of structural engineering.

Site Tour of Con-Force Structures

In August 2009, a group of SEABC young members attended a tour of the Con-Force pre-cast concrete plant in Richmond. The tour consisted of a presentation, question & answer session followed by a tour of the plant. The event provided a detailed overview of the products, services and manufacturing facilities that Con-Force can provide as of the largest manufactures of pre-cast concrete products. A great experience for all who attended.

Professional Registration Seminar

In May 2009, the SEABC Young Members Group held our first event, a "Professional Registration Information" seminar. The aim of the seminar was to help EIT’s and internationally trained Engineers better understand the registration process at APEGBC and the seminar was tailored to people working towards a P.Eng in the Structural discipline. Jacques Granadino, P.Eng of APEGBC gave the presentation which had helpful hints and tips for all aspects of professional registration. The event was well attended and we have received positive feedback from several members. Many thanks to the members of the Education Committee who helped make the event a success. Given the popularity of this event and the interest in this topic, we plan to have a similar event again in the future.