Base Isolation

Date: January 22, 2014

Presenters: Dr. Tony Yang, P.Eng., Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Civil Engineering

The West Coast of Canada is in a highly seismically-active region known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. Past earthquakes in this region (New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Mexico and Chile) have caused tremendous life losses and property damage. This results to hefty financial burden to the facility owners and cripples their ability to recovery after the earthquake.With high probability of experiencing large intensity earthquakes in Vancouver, it is crucial to building structures to withstand the inevitable earthquake shaking with minimal financial impacts and able to be recovered efficiently. This can be achieved by utilising innovative structural components and systems, such as base-isolation and added energy dissipation technologies.

Base isolation and energy dissipation devices have been well established in United States, Japan, China and many other earthquake prone countries. However such technology has not been well adopted in Canada. This presentation will highlight the base isolation and energy dissipation technologies.

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