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About the SEABC 

The Structural Engineers Association of British Columbia (SEABC) is an association that promotes the interests of structural engineers in British Columbia. Activities of the SEABC include seminars  and discussion on technical matters relating to structural engineering.


Certificate in Structural Engineering

The Certificate in Structural Engineering is a program that enhances the knowledge base of structural engineers through a series of evening courses held at the Vancouver Public Library in a classroom lecture setting. Courses are also available via live interactive webcast. Registration for the September 2014 Term is now open.


News and Events

  • October 20

    Wesbrook Community Centre
    Young Members tour
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  • October 24

    APEGBC Conference and AGM
    Structural Stream by SEABC
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  • October 30

    2014 Wood Solutions Fair
    One-day educational event on wood products and construction
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  • November 5

    Earthqake Ground Motions in NBCC 2015
    Evening seminar
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  • November 7

    Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment of Buildings
    Half-day seminar
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